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There are several methods for improving your smile at Bright Smiles Dental. One of the more popular options calls for replacing the faces of each tooth in your smile with a porcelain dental veneer. The special dental-grade porcelain will be gleamingly white and it will resist dental staining far better than natural tooth enamel.

If one of your teeth has physical imperfections, like a dental fracture or a pre-existing filling, Dr. Timothy B. Chatterley might recommend replacing the entire tooth enamel layer with a dental crown cast from the same dental-grade porcelain.

This involves your dentist using a drill to remove the entire tooth enamel layer. Then, he will create an impression of the abutment and surrounding teeth. Next, he will shave the front surfaces of the teeth receiving the veneers and will take impressions of those teeth as well. Both impressions will be sent to a dental lab. A temporary crown will be secured onto the abutment to protect it while the dental lab technician works to create the dental crown and veneers.

You will need to come back for a second appointment when everything is ready. The temporary crown will be carefully removed and the porcelain crown will be cemented in place with a special dental adhesive. Then, the veneers will be cemented over the faces of your teeth.

If you live in the Casselberry, Florida, area and you have an unappealing smile, you should call 407-628-1066 to explore the cosmetic dental options available at Bright Smiles Dental.