If you feel nervous about visiting a dental office, then we invite you to try Bright Smiles Dental for dental anxiety care. Our friendly dentist and team will help you feel relaxed and comfortable at our practice so you won’t experience anxiety while receiving treatment. Contact Dr. Timothy B. Chatterley if you want to learn more about our options for treating dental anxiety in Casselberry, Florida.

Some people feel so nervous about visiting a dental office that they develop a condition called dental anxiety. This anxiety can be caused by a traumatizing childhood experience, embarrassment over the state of one’s teeth, fear of pain, fear of needles, and much more. Unfortunately, those with dental anxiety often develop poor oral health because they avoid visiting a dentist. If you think that you suffer from dental anxiety, then we invite you to our practice so we can provide you with dental anxiety care.

Before receiving treatment, our dentist and team will discuss with you the methods we can take to relieve your dental anxiety. Sedation is one of the most common ways to help one to relax. We can also agree on using a hand signal if you need to take a break while receiving treatment. Listening to music and performing visualization exercises can also help to relieve anxiety. To learn more about our dental anxiety care, we invite you to call our practice today.